March 17, 2008


And in the I know someone sort of famous category, we have Japheth Light (the first "h" is silent) a guy I went to church with when I was teaching in Palm Bay, Florida and whose wife was the third grade teacher to my fifth/sixth grade.

It turns out that my friend is the inventor of a new, harder version of Sudoku called Tri-doku.
A math guy through and through, Japheth thought that standard Sudoku was too easy, so he and a friend invented this new form. His first collection of puzzles has been published by a renowned puzzle publisher.

I'm not a Sudoku fan, (I prefer crosswords) but if you are, and think standard Sudoku is too easy, you might try my friend's newer version. (and if you understand these rules, I bow before your awesome prowess.)

Tridoku uses a triangle rather than a square for its format and the rules are as follows:

No. 1, the large triangle rule: The numbers 1-9 must be placed in each of the nine large triangles in the puzzle.

No. 2, the inner triangle rule: The numbers 1-9 must be placed in each of the three legs of the inner shaded triangle. Notice the numbers in the corners of the inner triangle will each count for two legs of the inner triangle. So the 3 in the left corner counts as the 3 for the top shaded leg and the left shaded leg of the inner triangle.

No. 3, the outer triangle rule: The numbers 1-9 must be placed in each of the three legs of the outer shaded triangle. As in rule 2, the numbers at the corners each lie in two legs of the outer triangle (i.e. the 2 at the top counts as the 2 for the left and right leg of the outer triangle).

No. 4, the hexagon rule: No two neighboring (touching) cells may contain the same numbers. This rule goes for any two cells that touch -- regardless of whether the cells meet along an edge or at a single point.
In other words, no numbers can be repeated within any small hexagon in the entire puzzle.

Try one of the puzzles here.

And see the solution here.

Congratulations to my friend Japheth on his achievement, and his other creation to be released next year, Snowflake Sudoku.

Posted by John on March 17, 2008 09:50 AM | Posted to Nonfiction | Personal Journal
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Hey! I grew up in Palm Bay!

Posted by: Tia on March 17, 2008 08:34 PM

Small world! I taught at Covenant Christian School. Its been there about fifteen years, so you may not be familiar with it. I lived in West Melbourne mostly and my wife went to high school in Titusville. i met her there actually, she was teaching high school at Satellite High.

Ever get back there?

Posted by: John on March 18, 2008 08:09 AM

Where did you go to school? I knew tons of teachers there.

Posted by: John on March 18, 2008 08:10 AM

I get back there at least three times a year. Half of my family still lives there. I went to school at St. Joseph's and Palm Bay High. However, I graduated in 1984. Probably most of those teachers have moved on, but I know a few of them are still there.

Posted by: Tia on March 18, 2008 12:35 PM
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